• puree


    Puree served fresh and hot. There's a hot air inside which makes it in its 'inflate' condition:-)

    Forgive me if the exact spelling is wrong. but have you tried eating this? its an Indian cuisine alongside with chapati, tosai, naan and roti canai… which can be found in not so many Indian restaurants. but you can definitely find it at Krish curry house which is located in Cyberjaya

    Posted from my galaxy tab plus

  • dinner @ aroma ikan bakar


    OMG!!! datang nk dinner kat aroma ikan bakar @ jeram la kunun…,gadget bagai leh bawak tapi wallet lak leh lupa tinggal kat rumah? aduiyaiii…

  • samsung freak


    not long ago bought galaxy s2. recently bought tab 7+. what next?

  • training in session


    Training for symantec netbackup, sponsored by my company is in progress. Location, Amcorp Tower PJ…So will be an Amcorp guy for a week :D

  • 2012


    Welcoming 2012…it’s December already??? how fast the time flies…and eventually the blog writing also seems to be decreasing… It’s just that I’ve no idea what to blog nowadays. Free time? use for sleeping and just watch TV at home. Plus, my new position in the current company that I work really strains me physically and mentally. Even right now I’m writing this entry from my workplace PC!!!

    Maybe that is the price of my career advancement. Increase salary means increase work and less free time or time to relax. Stay up late for work at office until the next morning, even though tomorrow is Saturday (weekend I might add). After went back home, relax for a while and standby just in case something happens in office I have to come right over to look into it. If I get lucky, no one will call and I’ll be safe for the rest of the day. And if not…the same thing will happen all over again needless the time.

    Well, in a way, I accept that. But really…I need to go for vacation right now!

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