• Blog


    Is there such thing as personal blog nowadays? Most of them are commercial-oriented. Don’t you agree?

  • KIS eating up my CPU usage



    I always wonder why out of all processes in the task manager, the avp (the process name for kaspersky antivirus) is the most highest usage of them all. So tried to stop it and see how it goes. The thing increases more and more!!!

  • Entry for 2013


    I was crossing the road to get to the barber shop to get a hair cut. Then came a couple riding a motorcycle with a kid sitting in the middle suddenly swooped in between 2 cars parking on the road side, totally blocking my way to my destination. I heard the husband saying to his wife to get out of the way as there is somebody (me) wants to pass, in a quitely aggresive tone as they were getting off the bike. The wife blabbered to his husband and I think to me as well saying “I know, be patient, let me get off this bike” and stared to me with an angry face. I did not said a word and just let her do her stuff first and as I went into the barber shop I noticed from the glass window she was looking to me still with an angry face and mumbling inaudible words. I just said to my self, what a b**** this makcik!.

    I think the barber also noticed the whole thing before I went into his shop…

  • Tools for blogging


    That would be my Desktop PC, my lappy, my S2 & my tab  :grin:  But it is really up to myself whether I want to blog or not though  :-|

  • hiatus


    almost forgotten that I have a website and particularly…a blog… :p

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