Setelah sekian lama. Aku pun dah tak ingat bila last aku tukar theme ni…ader la dlm 1-2 tahun kot. Akhirnya tergerak gak hati aku nak tukar theme. Ini pun terjadi akibat aku terintai perbuatan member aku mencari theme untuk blog dia. Pada mulanya dia nak pakai theme ni tapi memandangkan ianya hanya untuk WordPress sahaja, maka aku pun terus sambar theme tersebut. Muehehe Nama theme ni redlight. Terima kasih kepada pereka diatas theme yang menarik ni. Aku dapati dari website ni…Templatelite. Banyak lagi theme-theme lain yang menarik yang tak sabar nak aku cuba. Tapi biar dulu….watpe nak tukar kerap sangat kan? hehe… Masih banyak lagi yang perlu dibetulkan, dimana akan aku update sedikit demi sedikit dulu. Misalnya shadow background untuk[…]

Today (which was yesterday) my brother decided to end the suffering of using Celcom Broadband because of its ultimate poor internet connection, and went to Digital Mall @ Sec 14 to subscribe for P1′s Wimax, the Wiggy standard plan. The story began like this…

Egocentric! That’s what I can say to this one worker who is under my supervision. She had problems with me these past 2-3 weeks. Kind of not satisfied with me because of something that I said to her in our previous department’s meeting with all staffs. Which I remind you, was not aimed directly at her at that time, just mentioned some staffs, who reported in late after having lunch break. And I just said to be punctual next time, more like a gentle advise at that time.

  It ‘s an online fighting game, not to mentioned, it is FREE (yeay) that was recently introduced to me by my office colleagues (yeah a bunch of them already played this game and have reached higher levels)…simple and yet enjoyable to play if you are bored, have nothing to do, or just reducing the stress of work. Join now by clicking HERE. Who knows… maybe you can become one of my pupil or join me in creating a clan of fighters Become my PUPIL

Who could have known that during my hiatus (only from blogging, but I still do the daily checking) there were lots of spam attacks…and each time I checked my blog about 10-20 minutes or so, there’s an average of 3 spams detected. This month alone up until the 15th day, it reached up to 4++!!!   damn yous!