wow!!!, after what, three, four long days???, finally the annoying problems has been solved, thanks to the web hosting provider, after a quick chat with one of the technicians, i found out that there was a problem in SQL (you do know it, do ya????), there was some bugs, but no need to worry, it has been successfully resolved now. and wutever ler, as long as my web is up and running, hehehe, anyways kalu aku cakap malay, korang tak marah ek? penat ler nak merangka ayat bahasa inggeris nih, hehehe, sabtu nih member friendster merangkap unitar aku, iaitu shah akan mengadakan rumah terbukanya di Kuala Kubu Bharu, so beramai2 ler korang (aku tak pegi, pasai ader hal sket..hihi) ke[…]

hmmm, just installed this blog 5 minutes ago, deleted the old one bcoz it looked kinda boring. I’m trying to explore the way to make this blog much more interactive using the cool features, so be patient ok? meanwhile, on the way back from the mosque today (Jumaat prayer), i went straight to the printing shop to type letters for Mr Kamaruddin (my so-called temporary boss), it was then i discovered that the person that runs the place (the printing shop) lost her handphone, not because it’s lost, but it was actually stolen..!!! FYI, it is the second time the same thing happened in the shop, felt sorry for her. I hope that the thief will suffer the consequences of[…]