alhamdulillah…have a job now…as a technical support representative at damansara. already in the 5th day of training already. hope that i will do my best for this new job.

some more, upgraded to wordpress 3.0 for my blog. from the looks of the layout, still the same. maybe lots of changes on the inside part. anyhow, the latest version, meaning more stable and improved security. :)

4 thoughts on “my status

  1. Fath says:

    Congrats jugak. :)
    Lama tak singgah kat sini.. tatau masih ingat atau tak.. hihi
    so sekarang stay kat damansara?

  2. azmie says:

    thanks…pe lak tak ingat…ingat jer…hehe

    takdela…masih stay kat seri kembangan lagi…keje je kat damansara…penat gak le ulang alik gi keje nih…

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