This is the last day of 2009. Bye-bye 2009…welcome 2010

Nothing much happened in my life this year….Same old same old…even in hiatus status for 1-2 months from blogging…. :worried:

Got myself up there at Genting for the first time of my life, somewhere in the early of the year. And then, got somewhat “Retrenched” but alhamdulillah was spared. Got my laptop upgraded to Windows 7 (which reminds me, will expire somewhere in early 2010…what do you expect? it’s an RC version).

And in the middle of the year, MJ passed away. Al-Fatihah for him. And then went for JJCM to Village View with my friends aka housemates (one of them already moved out…work for the government now…lucky him). My birthday on July, several days before that went into movie mania mode…one of them was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Nothing much in AugustAidilfitri in September and there was also an earthquake that I felt (for the first time too).

Planned to find some side income in October due to financial problems for both my family and I (but eventually came to waste…but haven’t given up yet. Maybe my sustenance will be in this new year). Aidiladha in the November and aside that, nothing special happened in that month.

And finally in December, my seemingly outstanding expenses. But Alhamdulillah, manage to cater them all without difficulties. Owh and not to forget, bought Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 for 3 PCs (received yesterday) for RM139 (which I found out later that I can get for much cheaper price at LYN..darn!)

Well, time sure flows by. And now we are on the end of the year and on top of that, the last day of the year. See??…the keyword here is NOT THAT MUCH :p

But as a person who have faith in Allah. We must pray and believe for better outcome in the future even we have experienced bitterness and difficulties in the past. Everything happens for a reason. So, hope for better life tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “2009…sum it all up

  1. adib. says:

    benda paling besar aku penah bt 2009 ialah hijrah..dari malaysia ke egypt nih…

  2. Fahmishah says:

    Macam-macam berlaku tahun lepas. tahun ini tak tahu lagi.

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