I somehow felt really annoyed when some antivirus labeled my website as a “high risk” site and warned user to proceed with extreme caution. In this case means that my site has potential high security risk (I do not know what is the exact reason with the security issue, perhaps security threat?).

You see my laptop uses Mc Afee antivirus product or the correct term would be Mc Afee Security Center. And an addition that comes along with it is this one software called Site Advisor. This software helps user in identifying sites that poses threats that may harm the computer and even user itself (ie phishing, spam, malware, spyware and so on). In other words, preventing users from accessing or surfing harmful websites that might cause damage in the near future. It is also free to download. You can find it HERE


Back to my situation. My site has been labeled “red” by the site advisor . So it really annoys me when online on the internet and found out that other sites were labeled green, except mine!. Weird is, it was fine and dandy before this. No problems at all!! So been working on how to make the label go “green” again.


2 thoughts on “my site…a threat?

  1. Fahmishah says:

    mcAfee tu kot yang tak betul.

  2. Amer. says:

    Hi, I’d like inviting you to visit my blog. It may not be as good as yours, but take a peek in it please :)

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