Sorry for the long hiatus. I think that this one was the most longest of them all. :P

These past 1-2 months have been much of a challenge for me. And now ALHAMDULILLAH praise to ALLAH it has now become a bit stable. Here’s how the story begins… :((

To tell you the truth the company that I worked and served before this has been stripped off its trust by the main con, you know the one who provided the contract to my company. They had decided that it is time to find another sub con to continue with the project. Owh forgot to mention, the project actually involved with the government, under the Ministry of Education to be precised. Need to be reminded that what I tell before this was not of my knowing at first place.

And I, along with other colleagues thought it was just a change of management since at that time they (the previous management) also said that we were ALL going to be relocated to other location and will be directly handled by the main con itself. And that’s what we thought until the day arrived. By that time finally we came to know the actual story. And what’s worse, they had decided that not all will be hired by this new management. And by that time we all realized that indirectly we were all actually forced to resign.

And there was I, in the verge of being terminated… :cry: worrying what will happen of me, if I will ever find a new job and cope myself into it…moreover finding a job itself, which would be hard as nowadays companies are actively retrenching their employees. :((

But praise to ALLAH fortunately the new management recognized me and some other colleagues of our commitment and dedication to our work and decided to hire us. However I felt a bit disappointed that not all were able to make it. I did try my best to persuade the new management of hiring some other of my colleagues who had performed well during their period with the previous management but they (the new management) insisted.

And now I have been promoted to a much higher level. ALHAMDULILLAH. I will try my best to contribute as much as I could…INSYA-ALLAH. :-)

3 thoughts on “ups and downs

  1. Z3MMs says:

    Congrats bro.. ur one more step closer to success

  2. asapis86 says:

    wei,syukur la…
    aku ni dh bosan dh keje sini…
    ngn perangai bdk2 ni ntah hape2 ntah…

  3. Sandal_Jepit says:

    Aku pun dh bucan..
    susah ek kalu keje ngn budak2 kecik nih..
    xmatang langsung..

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