Just something that I recently learned when browsing in certain site. :D

With this there is no need to search for an download a complicated folder lock software. You want privacy over your personal folders? Just do the following:

– Copy the text in the file which I will provide later in this entry.
– Paste the text into notepad software and in line 23 search the word “password”, and then just change it to any password according to your taste
– And then under “All Files” category, save the file as locker.bat and place the file into the folder of your choice.

The text that needed to be copy can be found below: (Right click and choose “Save Link As“)

Simple as that :D

Updated: what exactly you need to do after creating the locker.bat file…

Note: you need to place the locker.bat into a folder first. What happens after that will be explained next.

– First you double click the locker.bat file, and then a folder named “private” will appear
– Place whatever file of your desire into that particular folder
– After that double again click the locker.bat file
– A command prompt window will appear and it will ask “do you want to lock the folder y/n?”
– And then you type “y” and poof the folder will vanished :D
– In order to make the private folder re-appear again, double click again the locker.bat file
– Then a command prompt will appear again and will ask to enter the password

That’s about it :D

19 thoughts on “folder lock – the simple way

  1. azmie says:

    Here’s the link >>> Text to be copied

    ps: sorry something’s wrong with my site, cannot put own link to my own blog, otherwise it will display the 404 page…WTH???

  2. aphelion says:

    wth no link? =(

  3. azmie says:

    there’s a link what? that text “text to be copied” in the first comment was the link. ;) (right-click and choose “save as”)

  4. aphelion says:

    where got !? “text to be copied” i didn’t see it below

  5. azmie says:

    aiya….look at the first comment lar…not in the entry…still can’t see it?

  6. aphelion says:

    oh the 1st comment
    sorry, didn’t see that.ahaha ;)

  7. aphelion says:

    erm i still got a few questions.How does it works really.I paste the locker.bat in a folder already and what happen next?

  8. azmie says:

    first you double click the locker.bat file, and then a folder named “private” will appear. place whatever file of your desire into that folder. after that double again click the locker.bat file then a command prompt console will appear and it will ask do you want to lock the folder y/n? and you type y and poof the folder will vanished :D

  9. aphelion says:

    ooh ok. So if the folder vanished, how do I access it again?

    Sorry for too much asking for a simple matter.

  10. aphelion says:

    aphelion on April 13, 2008 at 5:22 pm said:

    ooh ok. So if the folder vanished, how do I access it again?

    Sorry for too much asking for a simple matter.

    Ok problem solved.I know how it works already and it’s very cool. Thanks ! ;)

  11. azmie says:

    you see? simple only right? ;)

  12. aphelion says:

    Yes, quite simple. You should write this kind of post more often.

  13. azmie says:

    InsyaAllah if I ever found another useful computer-related article/info I’ll write about it here :D

  14. shahmirazin says:

    Hey guys!
    I got something great lah…

    1) Can you name a folder with ‘con’ ?

    I don’t think so… Hahaha :D

  15. shahmirazin says:

    The other thing is…
    I can name a folder with ‘blank’, can you?

    Here’s the trick

    1) Make new folder anywhere
    2) Right click on it
    3) Choose rename
    4) Press Alt+ 2,5,5
    6) Press enter.

    That’s all

    # Note that this trick will not happen if you press the 2 and 5 in the horizontal number lane. You must press it in the Numpad. And make sure the the numlock light is on.

    I will post here if i have more interesting tips, Insya-Allah…

  16. Josh says:

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  17. folder locking softwares are more reliable than these techniques,data protected by these techniques can easily be hacked but data protected by Folder Lock can never be hacked or cracked.

  18. Roy says:

    Its a good software, and i being a blogger for 5 years want to share another information with you guys. Recently there is a software called desksense. Google “Desksense” and you will get it. This software is creating a huge appeal in the internet marketing world. 1. Its beta version is free. 2. It has file lock and folder lock. 3. Usb, CD, DVD lock and even website block integrated to it. Hope this info helps.

  19. usd says:

    hello azmie.

    thanks for the useful tips.
    but i’ve been wondering.
    how am i going to delete the locker bat?
    meaning that i dont want it to be a locker in my folder anymore.
    how can i do that?

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