• let’s play spoiler!

    Acrobatic goats…



    Show her your love…



    How could you do that to me…



    One at a time la…no need to quarrel…look what happened now!



    Next time please use the flash feature…



    P/S: Just testing the new spoiler plugin that I just downloaded. It’s been awhile since I used one! :D

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  1. adib. says:

    aku tgk cam plugin nk suprise je..:-?

  2. mr.eims says:

    oit..xletak pong link mne nak donlot..

    p/s : heheh..lme gak xmsuk blog ko..sbb ako pn lme dah xblogging..ishk2.. :p

  3. azmie says:

    sorry…my mistake :P

    Ni nama plugin dier : wpSpoiler
    Link: http://felixtriller.de/projekte/


  4. mr.eims says:

    ok thx no probolemo etoll..
    ako pow yea?hehe.. cmbest lak spoiler nie.. :)

  5. azmie says:

    tarak hal :D

    kalu nak image plus ngan minus tu kasitau kat aku nt yer? 8)

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