The title this time seemed somewhat familiar eh? :P

Monday & Tuesday

– Same as always. Went to work and got home as always. No plans to go anywhere. At night just surf the net and watch tv when bored.

– I found out some nice themes designed for wordpress released by flisterz. Have already downloaded it and planned to switch to the theme but afterwards found out that somebody has also used the theme for his wordpress blog. Darn! have to search for another one.


– Received a call from ACMAR International, location identified to be at Bukit Raja, Klang. It was regarding the job that I applied through the website called for the “IT Executive” position (felt excited because haven’t been called for an interview for such a long period). Set for an interview on Friday. Later on at that night went on surveying the location of the place just to familiarize.

– And yeah it was also a special day where my site turned 3 years old, using wordpress. :D


– A friend told me that his cousin is selling some brand new handphones. And one of the models were Nokia N95. The price was reasonably cheap. And it also comes with 3 months warranty. So planned to buy it. But the reply will be at the end of this month though.


– Went to the interview as planned. Arrived a little bit early than scheduled (with hope to impress the interviewer :P ). However after going through it I found out that the job was a little bit unsuitable. No need to explain any more why. But I will happily answer if someone asked about it :D

Saturday & Sunday

Nothing special on Saturday besides having my laptop being mass updated. Sunday aka tomorrow also included. Why? Because I will also have no plans for tomorrow except have to be at the workshop that will be closed for operation on that day because the manager aka my father and my brother will be at the Dataran Merdeka for an event while I will try to be a guard for the whole day. Hooray for me?

But that’s ok. In the bright side, I will have lots of free time and most of it will be spend on watching lots of recent movies that I’ve been downloaded for quite some time :D

So that’s about it for this week. Hope for better outcome next week :D

6 thoughts on “this week’s happenings – in a nutshell

  1. adil says:


  2. azmie says:

    huh sensitip betul tuh…:-ss

  3. Azhar Ahmad says:

    Wahhhh kamu dapat kerja? Tahniah… Eh ke interview jer?

  4. azmie says:

    interview ajer lar…huhu

  5. megat says:

    IT Exec!? Macam terkena jer!?

    Aku baru dapat keje. Pastu ada pulak offer jawatan IT Manager uhuhu. not ready yet :p

  6. azmie says:

    terkena? tak paham…

    IT manager? besh tu…ader can aku leh dpt tak? ;)

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