Can you believe it? I accidentally deleted my current theme when doing my spring cleaning. I was planning to get rid all of those old unused themes and plugins, just to tidy up the place as well as the space (too crowded, makes the layout a little too messy). Thank god I created a backup not so long ago in the early of this month, just in case something like this might happen. :P

3 thoughts on “silly me

  1. CypherHackz says:

    Aku pun ada la jugak buat spring cleaning setiap minggu. Kirenye monthly cleaning la. Buang yang mana2 tak patut. Hu3.

  2. azmie says:

    ituler…aku terdelete masa siang tadi dari laptop kt tempat keje…cuak gak pasal tak simpan backup dlm laptop tu. sib baik kt dlm pc kt rumah ni aku ader simpan…bukan aper, kalu nak download balik theme ori bole ajer…tapi byk code yg dah di alter kt theme lamer tu…leceh lak nt…ni baru jer aku restore balik ni…sepanjang maser tu dlm maintenance mode…huhu ;))

  3. adib. says:

    uhuhuh..nasib baek ade backup…klu pendrive lg xleh caye…walaupon ttp kene backup…aku rase simpan dlm cd lg yakin…walaupon cd senang patah

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