Stress, angry and headache!!!.

Things not going so good right now in business especially for this month. Wait…it’s not “not so good”…in fact it’s worse actually, compared to other months in this year of 2007 (rather, 2007 is the most worst year, coz the business had been slowly going downwards for quite a long time now) And me??? How to explain my situation right now…I would say, caught in a predicament…as a so called “accountant” who manages the company’s financial matters, and also who authorizes outgoing cash and cheques, and at the same time, as an employee who haven’t received his salary for 3-4 months now (Before this I managed to cover my expenses using my personal savings…but it’s in a critical condition right now so withdrawal is out of the question). Well, take a wild guess why that happened? Self sacrifice in order to save the company of course! (it’s a family business btw) Sometimes deep in my heart I even thought why I should care any less about the business instead of my financial status. But this is a family business…so family must come first!

But I also have my burden to carry too! I have a PTPTN loan to pay (even though only RM100 a month, I make it strict to myself to pay it every month!, but this time I’m unable to do it), the installment for my black saga and my ASB loan (for future plans). If I don’t receive my salary, then how will I suppose to cover for those monthly expenses?

So??? Stuck in the middle!!! I’m in a stress right now coz I don’t have enough money, I’m angry coz why this happens to me, and I’m having a headache (consumed a Uphamol already but it still won’t disappear) from early this morning worrying all about this, as the due date for each payment is growing near. If this still goes on I’ll have to use the last resort…:|

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