sori musnaz coz lambat giler reply tag ko…:D
4 things that scare me:
– Being & Dying single
– High places (gayat ler)
– Not being able to settle my PTPTN loan :(
– Involve in an accident (car) and died instantly (I still have so many more things to do) :(
4 people who makes me laugh:
– Yassin (ex senario)
– My mother…always makes me smile and laugh (may Allah bless her soul)
– Kelsey Grammer’s The Sketch Show…he and his team of comedians in the show really makes me laugh :))
– My friend Edry…he and his jokes are the best :d
4 things i love:
– Reading comics, got a collection of them (one of it is pedang setiawan)
– Watching anime
– Driving my Black Saga :D
– Having an Iced Milo for a drink
4 things i hate:
– Being late for a meeting or waiting for someone who is late at a meeting
– Someone who always breaks a promise
– Suck-ups (not related with things…but more to a type of person)
– Managing my company’s account (always make me stress and headache)
4 things i don’t understand:
– Why do some people always take advantage of me or my family when we are in desperate situation and gets away with it easily
– Which comes first? the chicken or the egg? :D
– Why we Muslims always fight and argue with each other like in Iraq and Pakistan, while others laugh at our situation
– Why am I still single? :(
4 things on my desk:
– Telephone
– A DVD-RW disc
– A stack of DVD-Rs
– Some leftover curry puffs from this morning (wonder still edible or not :P )
4 things i’m doing right:
– Being a good son, not disappointing parents
– Non Smoker
– Having my own vehicle…finally!! freedom to go anywhere!
– Not involve in negative activities
4 things i want to do before i die:
– Doing Haj (more like a must do!)
– Vacation getaway
– Riding an airplane
– Having a legacy to left for my predecessor in the future
4 simple things to describe my personality:
– Fat
– Angry face (even my niece also cries when looking at me)
– Never forget easily
– Absolutely a boring guy to be with
4 things i can’t do:
– Own a dream car (a Mercedez Benz SLR…well I can dream though :D )
– Doing things that will disgrace myself and my family
– Diving a parachute! not in a million lifetime!
– Being a clown even for a moment. Not my style!

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