Been tagged by Khai. Good chance to post a new entry (how pathetic is that?)

5 things found in my bag

    DVDs, House Keys, A Zip Wafer Snack (can’t leave home without it :P ), Uphamols (sometimes had headaches, better to carry around), & A bottle of mineral water . Well it’s not exactly a backpack. But rather a small carrying bag that I always bring back and forth from work to home.

5 things found in my wallet

    IC, Driving License, Credit Card, ATM Card and Cash of course :P.

5 favorite things in my room

    Me Lovely Bed, Me Lovely JVC CD Cassette Player, Me Lovely Comics (lots of ’em), Me Lovely Toto Sheet, and Me Lovely Kain Pelekat :D

5 things I’m currently into

    Downloading and watching many movies as well as animes, Playing Solitaire, Facing laptop every day (work laa), Listening to my vehicle’s CD player, playing latest songs that I’ve downloaded from the net & Watching TV series in Star World Channel @ Astro every night :D

5 people I’m going to tag

2 thoughts on “5 things

  1. khai says:

    Layan tv series ape ek tetiap malam tu? sian saye lama dah x nengok astro kat hostel nih.. kekeke..

    nengok WWE je tiap malam selasa… ='(

  2. azmie says:

    byk woo…:D

    Isnin: Criminal Minds
    Selasa: Numbers (AXN), Bones
    Rabu: Eureka, Psych
    Khamis: Tak igt lak citer aper…rasa takder yg besh kot kot
    Jumaat: Law & Order SVU, The Closer (dah abes), Friday Night Live
    Sabtu: Takder yg besh, layan Movies channel ajer
    Ahad: The Ghost Whisperer

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