Yesterday went to Tesco Shah Alam, for the first time, instead of the original plan, going to the PC fair. Plenty of reasons avoiding the PC Fair, no mood to shop for PC stuffs, plus there’s nothing in particular to buy. And also yesterday was the last day, so traffic congestions and huge crowd would be suspected, too much hassle for me. The previous experience of going there had showed me so. :(

Back to the trip to Tesco story. The main mission, was to buy a mini bar to replace the family’s old refrigerator (and side mission, to buy some stuffs for my brother’s 3 months old daughter) at the workshop. Yeah the old ancient one, with frost technology :P. The fridge had served the family for I think more than 15 years, and eventually after that the fridge had some minor problem, and so arwah mother bought a new one and then the old fridge was placed in the workshop. And last month it had fully stopped functioning, problem with the cooler compressor.


And coincidentally 3-4 days ago I saw this catalogue from Tesco, and so had stumbled with this mini bar. And so I thought that it would be a nice substitute for the old one, save more space and plus, at least there’s a cold drink…aside of only warm water for drinking. :D


But guess what? instead of removing the old fridge, I placed the new one on top of it…hehe :P

10 thoughts on “the new mini bar

  1. manchurr says:

    wahhh! mini bar! cool.. letak dalam bilik la hahaha

  2. azmie says:

    ahahah bilik aku pn da dekat ngan peti ais…takyah mini2 bar da…huhu

  3. aReNieX says:

    hahaha. abis act fridge buruk tu mmg guner ker tak? ker mmg tak nk buang sbb ada sentimental value? huhu. bper harga dier?

  4. mohdismail says:

    haip.. bape ratus ni peti ais kecil-kecilan? :)>-

  5. azmie says:

    aReNieX on August 7, 2007 at 12:47 pm said:

    hahaha. abis act fridge buruk tu mmg guner ker tak? ker mmg tak nk buang sbb ada sentimental value? huhu. bper harga dier?

    tak guner pn…biar jer dalam kosong camtu…harga tu tanyer utk maner nyer? yg peti ais lamanyer ker or yang baru nyer? huhu

    mohdismail on August 7, 2007 at 1:20 pm said:

    haip.. bape ratus ni peti ais kecil-kecilan? :)>-

    harga nya adalah…RM298.00 jawab skali soklan areniex tu :D

  6. pluginbaby says:

    leh simpan air zam2 sejuk… layannnnn :)>-

  7. azmie says:

    tapi kan…aku rasa cam tak sejuk sgt ler mini bar ni…/:)

  8. khai says:

    mende kecik ngan besar mana nak sama hasilnye kan bro? hehe..

    neway best gile.. nak tukar peti ais lama, skali dapat peti ais bertingkat le plak.. wakakkaa…

    cam kretif je la plek.. ;))

  9. azmie says:

    ituler…dah nama mini bar…takleh nak expect lebih2…aku letak aiskrim satu malam langsung tak keras pn…lembik ajer…huhu

    tak gak kalu nak kata bertingkat tu…yg bawah tu langsung da tak sejuk / tak berfungsi…hangat siot dalam peti ais kalu da rosak…huhu

  10. yana says:

    ad stok lagi x?? warna biru.. :grin:

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