This is also related to the previous entry of suggestions for a meetup that I’ve made (but it ended up with poor feedback). So this time I want to make this crystal clear. I’m planning on watching Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, on this coming month of June. The movie will be premiered on 14th June, so I’m thinking of watching it on the 20th (NEW DATE: 24th June), weeknight around afternoon, and the location would be at Cineleisure @ Mutiara Damansara.

Anybody who wants to join can leave their comments here, so I can proceed with the arranging of the group booking process for the tickets. The more, the merrier :D. And if you want to, you can channel your share of booking fees via online banking through my Maybank2u account (to avoid any hassles, that is if you trust me, otherwise we can meet up over there and buy ourselves each our own tickets).The account number: 162357228678, Noor Azmie Bin Ramly.

And sorry, no “do-the-booking-first-and-then- receive- the- money- afterwards “. I find it quite hard to believe…:P. As I said before, there’s always other option where we can each buy our own tickets when we’re at the place, and then just set up where to meet by then.

And please leave your contact numbers, just in case. And mine is 016-2619483 :D

So… Meetup – Fantastic 4 II – Cineleisure – 20th 24th June …anyone??? :)

34 thoughts on “Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer

  1. manchurr says:

    jessica alba!! hehe must see! i’d like to participate.. but what time? hope i’m available on that day huhu

  2. manchurr says:

    weekend plz!! weekday penat la keje huhuhu :P

  3. azmie says:

    no prob for me, so weekend will be on 24th of june…but the time must be around afternoon lar…anyways any other suggestions are also welcomed…we can still make ammendments before the premiere :d

  4. Zeo says:

    Sayang, baper ringgit satu kepala.

  5. azmie says:

    biasa nyer baper hengget? ader tak dlm rm11? psl aku tgk shrek 3 @gsc semalam tiket rege tu, tapi aku online booking ler…

  6. manchurr says:

    aku tgk waris jari hantu smlm.. RM10 je kat mutiara damansara tu..

  7. azmie says:

    td aku ader tgk price utk shrek 3 utk cineleisure tu…rege dlm RM11…so it’s safe to say that the rate is around that amount

  8. shadowX_19 says:

    tgk ari rabu kat wayang murah skit. rm6 hinggit je. lagi2 kalo ade kad pelajar. lagi murah :d

  9. azmie says:

    erk hari rabu susah sket pasal weekday, besok org kene keje tambah lagi kalu tgk time malam…

  10. shadowX_19 says:

    azmie on June 7, 2007 at 4:37 pm said:

    erk hari rabu susah sket pasal weekday, besok org kene keje tambah lagi kalu tgk time malam…

    hoho. aku takpe sbb aku tak keje :-\”

  11. azmie says:

    so yg skrg ni konpem nak gi:

    zeo & 2 other members (aritu dier YM aku)
    manchurr & his gf

    about the tickets, skrg ni takleh nak konpem psl still jauh dari showing date dier…kene tunggu 14th June nt…kalu nak senang buat group booking :D

  12. shadowX_19 says:

    aku taktau tmptye cammane.?

  13. azmie says:

    aku pn tatau gak…tapi ader yg tau, so pakat ler jumpa kat maner2 dulu

  14. azmie says:

    nampaknya advance booking utk citer ni dah ada dlm site cineleisure. cuma takder yg utk 24hb lagi, mungkin kene tunggu dlm 3-4 hari lagi kot.

  15. shadowX_19 says:

    hoho.. aku dah tgk movie ni..memang best… rupeyer silver surfer tut tut tut!!!!! (*edited… :D )

  16. azmie says:

    ler dh tgk rupenyer…jgn ler citer kt sini, ilang saspen nnt [-(

  17. Zeo says:

    Hantu betul, ko g delete komen tu. Menyampah lak ako baca.

  18. azmie says:

    wokeh, tarikh 24hb Jun dah available…time dier kol 3.20 pm. about to proceed for booking ni…feedback guyz…

  19. khai says:

    azmie on June 4, 2007 at 12:56 pm said:

    biasa nyer baper hengget? ader tak dlm rm11? psl aku tgk shrek 3 @gsc semalam tiket rege tu, tapi aku online booking ler…

    kalo online booking, dia maik RM1 .. tu pon nak charge.. hehe.. tapi layan la nanti takyah beratur time nak amik tiket.. just gi counter booking je. hehhe..

    neway insyaALlah kalau takde kambing melintang, dapat la join sekaki (bro azmie nak belanja minum.. segan plak nak tolak). wakakakka…..

    neway nape kat damansara.. wat la kat ampang ke.. KLCC ke.. kalau kat Galaxy Ampang ni, mmg murah yang amat…. nengok sumo-lah RM5 jer ….

  20. azmie says:

    yerp,rasa nt dlm RM11, takper ar leh pilih seat pastu nnt takyah nak beratur…

    ampang jauh sgt ler bro…

  21. azmie says:

    ok malam tadi dah booking, memandangkan seat yg besh tak banyak, berikut adalah info booking tersebut:

    Cinema: Cathay Cineplex Damansara
    Movie: Fantastic 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer
    Date: Sun 24 Jun
    Session: 3:20pm
    Seat: F7 F8 F9 F10 F11 F12 & F13
    Price: RM11/person

    setakat ni 7 org konpem nak gi, so kalau yg lain nak join sila bgtau secepat supaya aku bole booking lagi…lagi elok kalu dpt satu row :D

  22. manchurr says:

    cayalah! x saba nak tgk.. minggu depan nak tgk Transformers!! hahaha

  23. azmie says:

    nak wat meetup lagi ker? aku ok jer ;)

  24. ZeMMs says:

    Ok.. mari kita saksikan…
    (psst: transformers pun leh wat meetup gak) :)>-

  25. Fath says:

    Wah… korang ni mmg hantu movie eh… kagum2

  26. azmie says:

    ZeMMs on June 20, 2007 at 11:25 am said:

    Ok.. mari kita saksikan…
    (psst: transformers pun leh wat meetup gak) :)>-

    bole tarak hal ;)

    Fath on June 20, 2007 at 12:44 pm said:

    Wah… korang ni mmg hantu movie eh… kagum2

    takder ler hantu sgt…huhu aku ni terlepas tgk citer spidy 3 ngan potc 3…:P

  27. ZeMMs says:

    Sesungguhnya aku memang hantu movie… hehehe… :joget

  28. manchurr says:

    adehh.. dlm maybank aku ade RM19 je la bro hahaha nanti jumpa kat cineplex aku bg duit.. aku gi awal kot tgh hari kot huhuh thx!

  29. azmie says:

    ok jumper disana :joget

  30. azmie says:

    That’s it, the online booking is officially unavailable as of now…I tried to book another two tickets for abah & hepan but it turned out to be not possible. However I think buying those tickets from the counter is still available. Hope that we can still meet there :D

    With this, it is decided that a group of 7 people will be going to the cineleisure@mutiara damansara this sunday:

    ZeMMs & Azurt
    Manchurr & gf
    Zeo & his wife
    …and me (sadly haven’t found a partner…yet)


  31. azurt says:

    cypherhackz tak nak join ke?

  32. azmie says:

    ermm…ntah ler, kalu dier nak mesti dier leave comment kat sini…:)

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