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Last night I,
I saw you standing,
And I started,
Started pretending,
I knew you and you knew me too,
And just like a roni,
You were too shy,
But you weren’t the only,
‘Cause so was I,
And I’ve dreamed of you ever since,
Now I’ve built up my confidence,
Girl next,
next time you come my way,
I’ll know just what to say,

Can we talk for a minute,
Girl I want to know your name,
Can we talk for a minute,
Girl I want to know your name

I started,
To write you letters,
But I wanted,
To be more clever,
I wanted to get down and sweet talk to you,
But just like a baby,
I could not talk
And I tried to come closer but could not walk,
And I think of it every night,
How I just could not get it right,
If we ever come close again,
I know what I’ll say then


Oh girl, one more chance,
With you again,
I will not let it go,
Oh please give me just one more chance,
For love


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6 thoughts on “can we talk

  1. Raf says:

    yo, camner nak embended lagu camni aa?

  2. azurt says:

    waaaa.. lame gile aku tak dgr lagu nih. teringat lak zaman muda2 dulu.. ehehhe… femes masa high skul dulu nih.. sape tah penyanyi dia, yg sure cam boyband la.. kan?

  3. azmie says:

    nope…solo rasanyer, nama dier Tevin Campbell…aku mmg ske dengar lagu2 camni…reminiscing time 8->

  4. shadowX_19 says:

    huuhhu.. layan… :joget

  5. abah says:

    haiyooo akunyer avatar dah tuka ekceli tapi tak kuar2 plak..gambar baru…

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