I just got a sad news from my junior back from I was in high school last night, saying that his colleague, also my junior when high school, Mohd Shukri b Abdullah (I remember him well because his name was exactly similar with the name of a famous Motivation Expert) has passed away (maybe for quite some time now, because in the SMS said like this: “Did I tel u Shukri pas awy?“)

Last time I heard about last 1-2 months ago, that Shukri had suffered from leukemia disease, and it was so serious that the doctor confirmed that he was in a critical stage and he had lost his sight because of it. And I was shocked to hear that because in the 5 years of me being in high school and 4 years of knowing him, he was in perfectly fine, health condition (eventhough he wasn’t quite active in sports, but he was not sick, at least not that I know of).

Condolences to his family and Al-Fatihah for arwah. I had planned to visit him when he was hospitalized but regrettably haven’t found a free time to do so. May Allah bless his soul.

ps: I’ll upload a pic of him later, I think I still have a group pic with him being in it. :|

~Life Goes On~

3 thoughts on “takziah

  1. ZeMMs says:

    That is why we should be grateful enough and do more while we’re still alive. Life is full of unexpected events beyond our control..

  2. azmie says:

    u’re absolutely right…

  3. menj says:

    Well that is life. Semoga Almarhum dicucuri rahmat Allah.

    – MENJ

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