alas! unable to establish connection….again!! reason? the message “Error 678: No response from the server” kept on displaying everytime I tried to use the dialer. this occurred last Monday around night time, when I got back from work. have tried every sort of troubleshooting methods suggested by the folks at the call centre. but the problem is yet to be solved. tonight? yet to be known, hope to receive a call from the technician guy by today, saying he had reset the port or whatsoever action necessary, and when I arrive at home the problem will be fixed.

naahhh…sounds too good to be true. if I’m lucky the technician will come by immediately, otherwise, wait until futher notice…if this happens this will be the third day…warghhh!!!

thank goodness I still have a dial-up connection at my workplace. at least I can check and update things. :->

anyways my cute kitties has become so big already, lookie at the pics…backstreet cats, that’s what I call them. can make an album cover out of that…huhu


one of them will soon become a mother, yeah the gray one on the left, my favourite one that is, her name is “abu”, short for “kelabu” (the colour = gray), hope the kittens will be as cute as their mother :malu

owh yeah! other thing, I’ve decided to make my into an anime blog. not like the animenewsnetwork type, but rather an anime review. right now just installed WordPress to use as the blogging platform. the purpose of doing this, I love to share my review for the anime that I have watched (yeah anime-lover! ). and yes there is also other reason. call it “to gain benefit” from making the blog at this time. ;-)

5 thoughts on “2nd day, no streamyx!!!

  1. ZeMMs says:

    UUu.. aku minat tul dgn kucing..
    camne ko bleh buat kucing tu sume pandang ke atas ar?
    ape agaknye mende yg ko tunjuk kat kucing2 tu sampai sumenye terbeliak mata tu.. >:) hehehe (gelak jahat)

  2. azmie says:

    haha…ader trick nyer tu…secret takleh bgtau…

    anyways kucing aku dah pn selamat beranak tadi, seblom sempat yg first tu kuar, cepat2 aku boh dlm kotak…tatau ler baper banyak yg kuar pastu…huhu;)

  3. azurt says:

    a’ahkan.. baru perasan yang kucing tu cam ke direct je soh tgk atas.. eheheh.. klakar2.. ko tunjuk ape la tu kan…?

  4. aman says:

    huhuhu…ada blog anime lak… :)

  5. azmie says:

    azurt on January 11, 2007 at 8:40 pm said:

    a’ahkan.. baru perasan yang kucing tu cam ke direct je soh tgk atas.. eheheh.. klakar2.. ko tunjuk ape la tu kan…?

    sumer tgk aku ler per lg…huhu

    aman on January 11, 2007 at 9:55 pm said:

    huhuhu…ada blog anime lak… :)

    a’a nak buat satu, bukan fully anime, just review ajer…:)

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