Note: for future reference, “Mother Fucker Bad Ass Driver” will be pronounced as MFBAD.

Last night was the most terrible moment that happened in my entire life. Involved in an accident, crashing with other car, in a sense. It was more like the other car came crashing to mine.

It happened like this, I was on the way driving back home to Serdang using the NPE highway, usually I used the SmartTag lane, but at that time when I nearly arrive there, from far I noticed that a car got stuck in the lane, maybe because the driver’s having problems with his/her SmartTag or maybe the machine’s at fault, along with two other cars. So I decided to pull out my Touch N Go card from the SmartTag device and planned to switch to a Touch N Go lane. Just when I was about to enter the lane, (half of my car already towards into the lane), suddenly a car appeared right behind me and started honking his horn. I noticed from the inner rear view mirror that it was a BMW, with a jeep-like body type. Maybe a M5 or M3 type, perhaps I thought in my mind. Spontaneously I raised my left hand (not the middle finger signal!) and said in my heart, “aper daa sabo la!”

Just after passing the toll area, the BMW rushed passing and went in front of my car and started emergency-braking intentionally. In my heart, I said MFBAD! I managed to avoid it and tried changing lanes to the right side, but the damn vehicle was also doing the same, changing to same lanes as mine and started emergency-braking too. As if he doesn’t want me to pass him. Then a little bump happened because the damn vehicle was too near with mine and I couldn’t avoid it. After that, what’s worst, the damn vehicle started reversing his car, and with force, pushed my car backwards along with it! I was pushed about a couple of meters and I tried to use the brakes but it seems not possible (a Beemer vs. Kancil…how possible is that?) Then I tried to shift my car back to the left and the damn vehicle hastily reversed his car and it terribly hit my rear right side door, forcing my car to turn to a horizontally on the road. At that time I never thought anything in mind except to get out of the car and face the MFBAD…(thinking of kicking his ass!) but the MFBAD quickly drove away from the accident area. I managed to get the plate number, it was WLT 300, a BMW vehicle, the colour was grayish or so (it was night time, but I was sure that it was darker colour type).


Anyways went to Tun HS Lee police station (from early morning till afternoon, spent half day there) after making a police report. And the sergeant assigned for my case confirmed that it was a grey BMW with the same plate number. I hope they will apprehend this MFBAD, and make sure the vehicle will be blacklisted from both police and JPJ records. Crazy people like this shouldn’t drive any type of vehicles! Just because I went in front of him at the toll doesn’t make him have the right to slam to other people’s cars. MFBAD!!!

15 thoughts on “Some Malaysian Drivers…

  1. Dwayne Foong says:

    bro, are you ok?

    these kind of drivers have real bad attitude. Big bully Small?

  2. azmie says:

    luckily I was unharmed, just both of my hands were shivering at that time, not because of shocked of anything, I was totally pissed off! But thanx for caring :)

  3. hepans says:

    next time bawak baseball bat kat bonet, ko kuar blasah cukop2 driver bodo tu. mmg hangin aku bace entry ko ni. grrr.. bodo nak mapus semoga mati kene gilis lori pastu kene sodok ngan bas plak.

  4. adib. says:

    ini disebab kn anda hanya ada sang megah laa dia dapat pakai BMW…errmm MFBAD

  5. azmie says:

    hepans on August 29, 2006 at 10:43 pm said:

    next time bawak baseball bat kat bonet, ko kuar blasah cukop2 driver bodo tu. mmg hangin aku bace entry ko ni. grrr.. bodo nak mapus semoga mati kene gilis lori pastu kene sodok ngan bas plak.

    sesaper yang alami pon mesti akan menjadi bengang giler…tambahan, kereta itu milik bini abang aku, dan nama kat geran kereta lak nama abang aku nyer bini punyer kakak…pendek kata ini kereta bukan aku nyer…arghh tu yang menambahkan kebengangan aku tak kira bila2 masa aku teringat nye…~X(

    adib. on August 29, 2006 at 10:53 pm said:

    ini disebab kn anda hanya ada sang megah laa dia dapat pakai BMW…errmm MFBAD

    ituler…apakan daya sang kancil tidak terdaya melawan sang beruang…tapi kalau aku bawak sang badak, dah lama aku gi kejar dan aku tanduk sang beruang tu sampai mampos!!!

  6. azmie says:

    viewing from another point, it can be categorized as attempting murder, coz the MFBAD intentionally hit my car and banging my right door, thank god it was the rear one, otherwise I would end up having broken arms or even a concusion on the head or something.

    some people that I met said that I was lucky enough that the car wasn’t turned upside down coz normally in the similar situation it would end up in that way…maybe bcoz I wasn’t in a still position at that moment, I tried to avoid by moving my car farther from the damn Beemer…#:-s

  7. Jason says:

    That is one motherfucker. X(
    Bad luck dude.

    Hope that fella die in the next car accident.

  8. azmie says:

    yeah, and I just found out that SHE (the driver) lodged a report yesterday, claiming that someone came crashing from behind of her vehicle…wtf? at that time it was a man, male, jantan driving! (bald headed I might add) based from the pics, how could she said that I crashed into her vehicle…stupid MFBAD!!!

  9. suis_aircond says:


    dude, r u ok dude?

    x terpikir mender macam ni boleh terjadik. apa depa ingat ni bapak dorang punya negara ka. bolo punya orang.

    ya, yg betul adalah percubaan membunuh. gila apa, kancil langgar bm dari blkg tp pintu blkg kancil yg kemek. aku keter kene calar sikit pun kadang aku hangin ni kene buat mcm ni. ko saman je mamat tu.

    cemanapun, alhamdulillah kau selamat.

  10. azraai says:

    kete dia ok tak. takkan polis report pun nak tipu.

  11. azmie says:

    tatauler, aku dengar kata bumper belakang abes…ala repot polis memacam org leh citer…nak defend diri memasing…tapi yg aku tau mmg dier salah…MFBAD…kurang ajar bawak kete…

  12. c4stello says:

    huh!? r u ok mie!? alhamdulillah u save! sial to that BMW driver… really take my nerves going up!

  13. azmie says:

    alhamdulillah syukur pada Allah aku selamat…yg kene pintu belakang, kalau kene pintu depan, maybe arwah aku kot…

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