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First attempt in using the WP extreme video plugin and it was successful. Thanx to Ikoko-san for her post in WBC FYI the function is to add google, youtube, FLV and MOV format to your entry. And FINALLY I managed to get the ad that’s been shown on tv screen this past couple of days into my blog (yippe)

On the other view, the new nokia N Series, nokia N93. Just I was admiring N91 of its 4GB of memory or 3000 mp3s storing feature, then this model came out. I bet the size will be much different on this one.

Owh yeah from the ad itself I’ve beginning to wonder about the phone’s twisting style. Totally different from N90 style. And if you noticed in the end part of the video, the twisting position reminded me much of the nokia 9210i communicator

Well the urge to change handphones has arise again. But the outcome will be the same. I just wait for my bro to get one, and wait for a month of two, and then persuade him to sell the phone to me…how’s that? :-?:-D;-)

5 minutes later
Just found out that you can actually download the video clip of the ad from nokia’s website…. duh~~l-)

7 thoughts on “nokia N93

  1. c4stello says:

    pergh cantik tul la N93… kena simpan duit skit lagi nie :-?

  2. azmie says:

    c4stello on August 9, 2006 at 4:43 pm said:

    pergh cantik tul la N93… kena simpan duit skit lagi nie :-?

    aku dengar kata price dier dlm RM3K…mahal tu…

  3. adielz says:

    apa ada pada N*K*A?! :o hehehe

  4. azmie says:

    ko pakai SE ker dil? samada nokia ataupon SE jer…yg lain tu hampeh sumer…huhu

  5. adielz says:

    aku menang ‘MOTO’..hehehe

  6. azmie says:

    adielz on August 12, 2006 at 8:38 pm said:

    aku menang ‘MOTO’..hehehe

    erk menang contest ker aper?

  7. pasakjantan says:

    aku carik h/p dlm harga rm1000. nokia siap ader 3g lagik pehtu ader player xvid lagik tu. mpeg4 pon ok laaa…heheh
    wat eber email aku tau….tgh poning nie….

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