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You Are 1: The Reformer

You’re a responsible person – with a clear sense of right and wrong.

High standards are important to you, and you do everything to meet them.

You are your own worst critic, feeling ashamed if you’re not perfect.

You have the highest integrity, and people expect you to be fair.

What Number Are You?

19 thoughts on “what number are you?

  1. dark^avenger says:

    aku musang berekor 9. title aku lagi hebat – the peacemaker. muahahaha!! :joget

  2. azmie says:

    haha…aku no 1…ichiban!!! tapi title reformer lak…cam reformasi ker? :-“

  3. hepans says:

    peacemaker -_-; aman damai je aku neh.. wakakkakakak

  4. azmie says:

    ko pn samer ngan si dark avenger gak…huhu

  5. bardy says:

    Dem nape aku ANEHHHH???!

    You Are 4: The Individualist
    You are sensitive and intuitive, with others and yourself.

    You are creative and dreamy… plus dramatic and unpredictable.

    You’re emotionally honest, real, and easily hurt.

    Totally expressive, others always know exactly how you feel.

    *DIEDla cam betullll!!!!!!

    err ko rasa camaner epan? Hurmm

  6. azmie says:

    haha….kene ngan mu ler…:)

  7. gie says:

    aku no 7 plak..

    You Are 7: The Enthusiast
    You are outgoing and playful – always seeing the happy side to life.

    You’re enthusiastic and excitable. You love anything new.

    Multi-talented, you do many things well… and find success easy.

    You prefer to keep things light with others. Opening up is hard for you. :-“

  8. ikoko says:

    hoho.. penat je aku jawab, last-last, page error..

    Ngang tul~ :P

    takpe la..

    apa pun.. nombor 1 la best :D

  9. fahmishah says:

    You Are 9: The Peacemaker

    You are emotionally stable and willing to find common ground with others.

    Your friends and family often look to you to be the mediator when there is conflict.

    You are easy going and accepting. You take things as they come.

    Avoding conflict at all costs, you’re content when things are calm.

  10. c4stello says:

    You Are 3: The Achiever

    You’re confident and competent – with a lot of energy.

    Eager to reach your goals, you are aambitious and competitive.

    You are good at motivating yourself and motivating others.

    You’re also a charmer, with a great sense of humor.

  11. ikoko says:

    pss pss. nak tau satu citer best tak..

    ahahha :))

    aku pun nombor satu gaks.~~ waoooww weee!

    best best

  12. azmie says:

    ehehehe…kira ada matching ler ni ek…;) :joget

  13. ikoko says:

    :p tu ler~ suai dan padankan..

    kira aku ngan ko sama ler~

    ;) kenyit mata.. kenyit mata~

  14. hepans says:

    hueh, kene siot ngan bard punye tu.. apekah…

    wooo ade ape2 ke korang neh.. ehem ehem.. /:)

  15. azmie says:

    :joget2 :joget2 ;-)

  16. azraai says:

    “You Are 5: The Investigator”
    aku yg ni.

  17. bardy says:

    hepans on July 17, 2006 at 11:28 pm said:

    hueh, kene siot ngan bard punye tu.. apekah…

    wooo ade ape2 ke korang neh.. ehem ehem.. /:)

    8-| samer ergh epan… tu lar freaky :|

  18. azmie says:

    erk ko refer saper tuh abah? :-\

  19. ikoko says:


    tatau.. tatau.. saya rasa saya tak terlibat.. kenapa ye mereka ni?

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