well the story began like this:

It was closing time at my father’s workshop, I had to buy a dinner for us (me & pops, coz me brother is still in honeymoon mode, and usually we bought food from outside, never once ate a homemade food…tough to live without a mother). I ordered a fried rice with telur dadar…and me pops, white rice, red cooked meat (daging masak merahler…huhu), kerabu prawn and bone soup (sup tulang ler…correct?)…well enough details, skip to the main part…

I was on my way driving back home to serdang, arrived at the besraya rm1.30 toll, going in a queue, right about the time it was my turn to pay the toll, me father called, he said that I accidentally swapped my fried rice with telur dadar with his white rice! whoa OMG!!! some luck! right after that I reached out my hand to the tollgate guy, I accidentally dropped my RM1 note…outside the car! while talking to me dad…things went a lil bit hectic at that time…no time to open the door and search where the money had landed, so I went to reach some money from me purse…there goes my money…eventho it was only RM1, you can’t pass the toll if you don’t have one…that much of importance for a pennyless guy…

Well I don’t blame anyone or everything about this except for myself…how stupid of me for being careless…but then again…it’s useless to be mad just because of this….and in malay word, “Aku sedekahkan jerler kat sesaper yang terjumpa & amek duit tu”, and also as my friend that chat with me just now said , everything’s happen for a reason…:|

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6 thoughts on “not in the mood…

  1. drusoft says:

    there must be a good reason for what had just happened :) RM1 jatoh, esok InsyaAllah terjuma not RM50.

  2. azmie says:

    the rm1 note is one matter, that night I had only white rice as my dinner…ketchup, sauce or whatsoever were nowhere to be found…but Alhamdulillah at least there was a dinner…:)

  3. ZeMMs says:

    aaehahehahe… i always use that road.. i mean.. thru the besraya toll.. :)>-

  4. azmie says:

    tu ler…slalu guner, ader maser singgahler kat sri serdang nun…pekene teh c beng sedap gak…huhu

  5. ZeMMs says:

    errr.. sri serdang tu kat mane ek? hehee…
    pekene teh c beng tak sedap kalo takleh cuci mata sama..
    so amacam..ada ‘pemandangan indah’ tak kat kawasn tu? :-?:joget

  6. azmie says:

    haha…ramai gak bebudak UPM lepak kat medan selera kat situ…kalu nak ok jer no hal malam ni pon bole since aku lepak kt umah serdang…huhu :)>-

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