Well, it was sold about last week actually, only today have the heart to write it down…:( I’ve been using it for about 3 years. And I’m currently “car”less now, unable to go anywhere, anytime at my own free will, so forced to use me brother’s Waja, only to went back and forth for business purposes like to the bank, and when going back home to Serdang.

Farewell my Kelisa

Damn what was I thinking? Selling my car? It was not of my own decision only…but also family’s decision. Everything was for the sake of the family’s business, to reduce monthly expenses. So some sacrifice must be made. You know I have to pay the exact amount of RM542 to AmBank Berhad each month, failing to do so for only a month, some green letter will arrive on my doorstep, telling that I have miss a payment for a month and I have to pay it immediately or else. And the amount will not be RM542, but higher…the reason will be the interest for late payment, and also, some other “charges”. Pretty cool huh? b-(

But on the bright side :-D , no more worries! yay! :)>- after this no more brain-stressing, figuring out where the hell to squeeze the money to pay again. :-D

18 thoughts on “farewell, my kelisa

  1. gie says:

    erm…kene bayar sendiri ke…?sumer ayah aku yg bayar…kalo bayar sendiri,mesti aku pun tekanan…~X(

  2. azmie says:

    kira kompeni bayo, tapi tolak gaji sedia ada ler…kira bayo sendiri gakler…mmg tekanan darah tinggi dibuatnyer…

  3. Zeo says:

    Ler, kerete tu tak setel lagi rupanya. Naik beskal jer la wei bleh fit!

  4. azmie says:

    heh lamer lagi nak abes ler, 9 yrs nyer agreement…tahun 2009 baru abes…

  5. ejon says:

    jual kelisa beli gen-2, best sket :joget

  6. azmie says:

    a’ah yer ko bagi duit deposit kat aku bole? :-?

  7. winter says:

    wohoo.. rilek la mie, aku dah 3 tahun ‘car’less :D .. dok pinjam kete akak/adik/mak/member je.. lol.. yer adik aku pun ade kete, aku sendiri tade.. apekah dunia ini~

  8. azmie says:

    wa….life is so unfair…:((

  9. ejon says:

    kete bapak aku hilang.. :((

  10. azmie says:

    ler…biler plak ilang tu? bapak ko pakai kete aper?

  11. ejon says:

    ala yg dulu aku penah mentioned kat blog aku dulu


  12. azmie says:

    lor…aku ingat baru kene ker per…

  13. zim says:

    don’t mind this comment, just testing the ajax comments and lightbox function

  14. zim says:

    yet another comment, sorry for the incovenience caused…

  15. voski says:

    saya bayor waja saya monthly rm548… :((

  16. azmie says:

    tu kete baru ke 2nd hand voski?

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