Just now I accidentally pinged some several trackbacks of old entry of mine to PPS. Let me clear things out, I was in the middle of importing RSS feeds from my old blog to my current one. And I forgot to clear the URL trackback field which I usually put the trackback links to PPS. Therefore I want to apologize for all the trouble that I caused and promise that this kind of thing shall not happen again in the future.

More info about the import of RSS, refer HERE…thank you

4 thoughts on “my sincere apologies to PPS

  1. winterwish says:

    aaa.. biasala tu mie, stuff happen.. jgn kene ban bebetul dah aa.

  2. azmie says:

    just want to clear things out ajer…don’t want others to see my actions as abusive…

  3. ZEO says:

    Ko apology pun tak guna sebenarnya. Polisi tetap polisi. Tp nasib baik masa ko re-ping balik tu tak de org report blog ko kat PPS blog entry “PPS Ban list” tu.

  4. azmie says:

    yeah…ituler…lagipon aku bace ni…

    Multi-pingers will be warned and given the benefit of doubt. We all make mistakes, and no action will be taken against honest errors; if you accidentally multi-ping PPS, pls write in an email saying so. Multiple offenders/intentional abusers run the risk of their blog being banned from PPS.

    i also make mistakes maa…

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