This early entry in the morning purpose is to remind me of what I’ve done yesterday:-

Fill the fuel for my car at the petronas pump station today,
RM25 spent, and the result, 13.021 litre of petrol were filled into the car’s tank.So expensive and yet so little of petrol obtained.

Went to Bank Rakyat near the end of business hour, only to find the ATM was actually non functional, and even worse, went to other 2 branches of bank rakyat in the PJ Area, (first went to old town branch, then to Section 14 followed by Kelana Jaya), went through a hell lot of trouble in order to go to these places! and the result? All the same! All the ATM’s were non functional!

With so much tension in my head, I went cursing all the other drivers on the road who were actually drove slow in the fast lane, along the way…

That’s it, end of the story…

One thought on “what a day

  1. azmie says:

    and RM25…aku pakai kete tak sampai 2 hari dah abes minyak…./:)

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