not valid...damn!

it’s been bothering me for quite sometime now…you see my blog, or precisely my theme, is still not XHTML valid, and I got pretty jealous for those site who is one. Somehow I managed to reduce the errors to 8, and 4 infos along with it…damn it I’m so frustrated! ~X(…I can’t find a way to reduce it to anymore lower! If I did that another error would be likely to occur…and things couldn’t get more harder then…%-( owh my dear friends who are expert in this….lend thy help to me…

29 thoughts on “not valid!

  1. ZEO says:

    Kacang jer.

    Line 202 column 32: ko tambah “. so dia jadi img src=”http. Dan jgn lupa tutup.

    Line 202 column 38: Sama cam ngan atas dan ko tutup img tu ngan \ cth <img src=”” \>

    Line 202 column 38: tu ko tambah alt=”” attribute cth <img src=”” alt=”” \>

    Line 334 column 4: tu ko tambah </li> sblm </ul>

    Line 215 column 0: tu ko tutup img tu cam kes Line 202 column 38.

    setelkan ni dulu, rasa ade lagi kot.

  2. azmie says:

    yeah…thx to mr zeo gei and winter for helping me in the process of making me page validated…now my index page is validated…:joget

    zeo: selain index aper lagi yg patut kene check utk validation?

  3. ZEO says:

    ni, page yg ko tengok bukak ni.

  4. azmie says:

    u mean single.php ker? itu jer?

  5. CypherHackz says:

    Dulu aku ada wat website ngan HTML. And website yang aku buat tu valid XHTML. Tapi yang wordpress nih banyak yang aku nak kene edit if nak valid XHTML.

    Kesimpulannye, wordpress aku adalah invalid XHTML.

  6. ZEO says:

    gei, ko jalan jalan la memana page kat blog ko ni. So buat la setiap page tu valid. ahaha Transitional ni kira kacang skit, kalau strict tu kena struggle skit la. Tu lom CSS 508 WAI hahaa

  7. azmie says:

    huh setiap page nak kene valid ker…yg single.php tu error aku tgk kat yg doctype tu…mmg kene ader gak ker…

  8. ikoko says:

    aku pun sama.. invalid xhtml ..

    er.. ko nye page azmie.. skrg dah valid xhtml ek.. tahniah ar! :) tinggal lagi 2 errors je tu aku tengok..

    aku nye lagik melampau banyak nye error..

    zeo.. ko terror ar ;)

  9. azmie says:

    OMG! error? maner? kalu dah valid patut takder error ler, anyways index.php ajer…yg lain tak jenguk lagi…:-“

  10. azmie says:

    CypherHackz on February 22, 2006 at 1:28 pm said:

    Dulu aku ada wat website ngan HTML. And website yang aku buat tu valid XHTML. Tapi yang wordpress nih banyak yang aku nak kene edit if nak valid XHTML.

    Kesimpulannye, wordpress aku adalah invalid XHTML.

    aku memula pon banyak gak error nyer…tapi thanx to zeo and winter dah selesai sebahagian prob…secara asasnyer dah valid aku nyer ni…tapi kalu page2 lain tu banyak lagi…./:)

  11. ZEO says:

    K2 next official update semua valid xhtml transitional dan CSS. Tunggu~~ :malu

  12. azmie says:

    aku ader try yg k2 reloaded tu…apa beza?

  13. ZEO says:

    K2 reloaded tu guna framework structure K2. And it’s a big mistake since K2 is still in BETA.

  14. azmie says:

    demit yg css validator pon byk error gak…byk yg “you have no background color” jerk…lightbox ko pon samer gak zeo…huhu

  15. ZEO says:

    lightbox tu kalau nak valid kena boh dlm body dan boh conditional statement. ako malas nak wat sbb tu tuk demo plugin jer.

  16. ZEO says:

    eh silap body lak, head.

  17. azmie says:

    ooo camtu…camner tu? huhu

  18. ikram_zidane says:

    ni dah valid dah.. tahniah… aku nyer page pun tak valid lagi..

  19. azmie says:

    thanx :D tapi spt kater zeo…tak 100% lagi…

  20. mr.eims says:

    OMG!! OMG!!! site ako banyaknye error., takleh watpe dah die ckp…
    erm..klu bnyk eror jadi camne?

  21. azmie says:

    kene betulkan error satu per satu ler…takkan ler takleh watpe…bole nyer…;)

  22. ZEO says:

    Saya ade buat servis validate XHTML/CSS anda dgn minimal fee. Interested contact me. :malu

  23. gie says:

    huhu…zeo hebat….. :-“

  24. azmie says:

    what fee would that be? huhu ;)

  25. korokmu says:

    Sorry, I am unable to validate this document because on line 22 it contained one or more bytes that I cannot interpret as utf-8 (in other words, the bytes found are not valid values in the specified Character Encoding). Please check both the content of the file and the character encoding indication.

    Kalo macam ni apehal?

  26. azmie says:

    nga~ en zeo gei…camner tu? tapi aku rasaler cuba tgk tang character encoding kat dlm bhg reading options kat admin page tu…kalu bukan utf-8 cuba tukar jadi utf-8…kalu tak ok gak, tak tauler…huhu

  27. Domz says:

    aku tak tau ntuk pe kite kna valid die..
    tpi apa pa pon yg ako mmg tak penah valid dari dulu smpai skang..
    x de pe pe beza pon~ :p

  28. azmie says:

    ala…think of it cam nak apply ISO 9 something like that…kira biler dah validate, diiktiraf ler nnt…:d

  29. D3 says:

    nak senang ejas sendiri, masa kau nak validate tu, click kat tempat yang dia kata Show Source then kau taula silap kat mana

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