Recently played this game, in my PC that is, although the graphic was actually poor (from the game maybe? or maybe coz my PC sucks!), but I managed to play this game until the very end (in easy mode that is :P ), and now currently I re-played the game, in an entire different mode, as expected it was actually tough to beat the enemies, where I had to use too many medicine to recover the health, unlike when in the previous mode. Well the game storyline was actually intriguing, with two heroes and one heroine characters, the hero part, the first character, samanosuke akechi (Japanese guy from the past) and the second one, known as Jacques (French guy from the present time) and the heroine character, can’t remember her name, but also French like Jacques… yeah, the past and present means that this game took place both in France present time and Japan during a war era. The bad guy, named Oda Nobunaga from the past (now, where did I heard this name…:-? ) tried to spread chaos in the future…something like that lar…note that there are no options to choose which character to play, the game decides it…and also please note that this game that I have borrowed from my friend wasn’t meant to be played in PC, because I noticed in the options menu, that the buttons assigned for the movements and actions were for those Playstation control pads (in this case PS2), so I guessed it would be an emulator or something like that…but I have read an article dated somewhere in this early February that this game would be soon available via PC. Not just this, but other popular games also such as Devil May Cry 3 and Resident Evil 4 (finally there’s hope for PC gamers). Note that Onimusha 3 was firstly released for PS2 I think somewhere in 2004 maybe. But I guessed I wouldn’t buy it then, I had already played and won it. But you know this kind of game, if you managed to finish it in a specified amount of time or in different level mode, you’ll unlocked some hidden features, yeah no cheats, trainers or whatsoever. Just walkthroughs.

4 thoughts on “onimusha 3

  1. ejon says:

    wah.. menariknya game2 anda..
    sila la buat download page supaya kami semua bleh mendolod gem.. muahaha :joget

  2. azmie says:

    aper ko ingat blog aku ni torrent page ker aper…huhu

    FYI game ni bukan aku download…aku pinjam dari kawan…:-“

  3. mr.eims says:

    huhu~ onimusha., memang suspek r game ni..
    i like the storyline., it was fantastic.. :x

    kalu main game ni memang layan abes n cam leh masuk dalam cerita dia tu., tapi kalu main., senarnye game tu leh abes dalam masa beberapa jam je., try r wat sepantas yg mungkin., nnt ade sesuatu yg dia unlock.. hehe…
    ade ke hero dia pakai koctum beruang nak g lawan org jahat….

  4. azmie says:

    a’a ituler kostum panda…aku tgh try medium mode ler ni…tapi bab training tu agak susah ek…nak buat move yang agak advanced tu….:-w

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