Up until now, there hardly was any spam detected in my blog…seems it’s really working…the akismet…before this my blog has been “attacked” by this so called “penis enlargement” comments, then followed by casinos and medication pills…the bad behavior plugin seemed not been able to control this flood of spams. Everytime I deleted one comment, more and more of them keep on pouring in. So I tried akismet. As shown in the pic, it caught quite a lot of spams from the first day I installed it. At one time, around the 4th or 5th day from activation it has caught about 20 spams!!!

But recently some 2-3 of my friends’ comments also has been caught “Accidentally”. Fortunately I noticed their comments in the spam list and unmarked them. Made it in time…otherwise it will be deleted after 15 days. So you see how convenient this plugin is…:-D

24 thoughts on “Spam…die3x!

  1. n305er says:

    Bad Behavior is not a Spam catcher. It’s a Bot catcher which directly blocks any bots to your website.

    Those new spams doesn’t have those signature and comes in directly like a normal browser. Akismet sort out the spam by running the comment through their online database server first, then to you. Spam Karma sort out the spam by running a series of criteria based matching on the comment.

    Both Spam Karma and Akismet are equally good and the longer you use them, the better they get because they are able to learn.

  2. azmie says:

    ic…thanx for the explanation n305er :d

  3. winter says:

    I’m using both Bad Behavior and Akismet, no spam even passed my comment anymore :D

  4. azmie says:

    this one thing I’m yet to understand…about this bots…is it actually a good or bad thing? I heard about googlebot, msnbot etc…is it related about submitting sites to search engines?

  5. winter says:

    I don’t think googlebot or msnbot or any other search engine bot have anything to do with submiting ur site or not. Those bot just simply crawl (read: visit) ur site and indexed it to their server. Even kalau ko tak submit pun derang akan datang crawl.. huhu. Aku rase camtu la kot.

    Badbehavior tu block spambot, bot bot bodow yang crawl site orang and cari comment textarea to insert their stupid penis enlargement ads and badbehavior ni block even sebelum bot tu sempat singgah site ko thus saving the valueable bandwidth and resources.

  6. ejon says:

    blog ni nak kena ckp omputoh gak ke

    aku kena camtu gak sejak kebelakangan ni..
    dulu tak kena..

  7. azmie says:

    malam tadi jek aku kene spammed shoutbox aku…shoutbox tau, bukannyer comments aku…aku rasa pasni mesti kene lagi….kene pakai bad behavior gak ker…?

  8. CypherHackz says:

    Lawa kau nye theme… :o
    Btw site aku pun kene gak spam. Dah la aku tak install pe2 plugin yang leh block spam tu. Isk3.

  9. winter says:

    shoutbox tu kene tunggu author die update la kot.. coz kalau ko masuk site author die ramai dah request die update coz ramai yang kene spam.. huhuuh

  10. azmie says:

    CypherHackz on February 9, 2006 at 12:57 pm said:

    Lawa kau nye theme… :o
    Btw site aku pun kene gak spam. Dah la aku tak install pe2 plugin yang leh block spam tu. Isk3.

    tengkiu :d eh pakai akismet ler cypher…berkesan lagi mujarab tu…;)

    winter on February 9, 2006 at 12:59 pm said:

    shoutbox tu kene tunggu author die update la kot.. coz kalau ko masuk site author die ramai dah request die update coz ramai yang kene spam.. huhuuh

    ya ker? huhuh elok ler buat satu version baru utk shoutbox tu…

  11. ejon says:

    aku tak kena lagi

  12. azmie says:

    taper tak lamer lagi akan kena ler tu…huhu

  13. ikoko says:

    aku try pakai mende tu.. badbehavior tu.. skali tu, ngan aku aku skali tak dapat view blog aku..

    tu yang aku terus takmoh guna badbehavior..

    pastu.. kasmet tu.. erm… kena ada API ek.. tu kena bayar ek kalau kita nak tau API kita apa? camner ek.. adeh

  14. winter says:

    ikoko, API tu kalau ko register dekat blog wordpress.com dengan automaticnye ko akan dpt API key yang membolehkan ko unlock akismet tu.

  15. azmie says:

    a’ah spt yg winter cakap…

    dah register, ko amek API key tu utk activate akismet plugin ko…

  16. gie says:

    register gune blog yg kite gune ke…? register kat wordpress.com ke..?

  17. azmie says:

    register kat wordpress.com ler…takder kaitan ngan blog yg kiter guner skrg ni…

  18. gie says:

    me dah ade akaun .wordpress.com …amik api key dia,masuk dalam blog baru ek…?

  19. azmie says:

    a’a, gi ker akismet nyer tab kat dlm bhg manage tu, pastu boh key tu kat dlm field yg ader kat situ…

  20. ikoko says:

    maceh sebab kenalkan aku ngan akismet nieh..

    terror ek akismet ni, sampai wordpress.org gunakan plugins ni sebagai core plugins :)

  21. azmie says:

    no prob cik ikoko…itu ler dier dah siap datang skali ngan wp2 package…:)>-

  22. azmie says:

    huhu…and now 50 spams…:)

  23. dark says:

    erm…nak ask cket jer…aku nak ask worm dengan trojan tu bukan virus ker?:-? ada orang cakap misconception bahawa worm n trojan tuu antara jenis virus…bley g tau aku yang ke-konfusan ini;) blog ko ni besh la tapi aku x tau ape yang best…apsal uitm blok web page yang ko kasi arrr (untuk download naruto movie nyerr) kampus jengka tmpat aku blaja

  24. azmie says:

    actually 2-2 tu berlainan…nak tau lebih lanjut, gi ker link ni


    penerangan detail mengenai benda yang ko nak tanya tu

    pasal naruto nyer download page tu, mesti firewall nyer hal tu, dier dah block port utk download tu…

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