a cute little unidentified kitty just appeared at the back ally of my father’s workshop this morning…must be the “kucing buangan” case…then slowly and quietly it went in front of the workshop and what happened next, playing gracefully between the engines and also under my work desk…right now just went sleeping inside a box… The body pattern, almost the same as my own lone cat (yeah, he still alive and strong :P ), but different in the colour part…well maybe the time for new generation stray cats hanging around the workshop will happen once again…actually, it’s almost like a tradition here at our workplace, when some of them felines died because of accidents or grow old, others, from nowhere will appear…just replacing the lost ones…but the memories with the previous pets will always remain and cherished inside my heart and mind…

ps: still remembered my very first pet cat, her name was “Pong” :-D

18 thoughts on “there goes again

  1. winterwish says:

    macam kurus je kucing tu. ko nak jage ke mie? sorang je pun, ko bele je la.. huhu.. kasi kiut2. :D

  2. azmie says:

    huhu…tetiba rasa nak bela tu timbul dalam hati…bela ajerlar…a’ah kurus…bese ler kes buang kucing slalu camtu…memula kurus keding, pastu nnt aku sumbat makanan2 yg lazat2…buncit ler nnt tu…:joget

  3. winterwish says:

    huhu bela je la.. nanti comel tu. :D

  4. aReNieX says:

    kawaii~nee! Your first pet cat name was “Pong”? Where did you get the name? Im not sure is it just me..but my first pet cat name was “Pico” and i got it from this show that i love when i was small. I remember the song though…Pico, Pico, Pong Pong! Hoho..ok..just another randomness of me..:malu

  5. azmie says:

    not sure how I figured out that name…I was in the beginning of prime school back then…I remembered she died the night before maulud nabi long time ago…:((

    pico pico pong pong…so familiar with that…can’t remember from where? a tv series? :d

  6. dinswok says:

    hi cutie kittie! Mew mew mew…. :d “Pong”? How to pronounce it? Either “O” in “Own” word or “O” in “Long” word? Confuse…

  7. dinswok says:

    Anyway, Pico Pico Pong was favourite TV show during my younger days. Huhu~

  8. aReNieX says:

    Aww..poor little kitten…
    Woah..dinswok, you remember that show? Haha..yesh..it is. That show just same like Sesame Street. For kids only of course..:d

  9. azmie says:

    erk, actually she’s the mother of…how many kittens??? actually unable to remember…:malu

  10. dinswok says:

    Of course aReNieX, I still remember the TV shows. Yep, the show was slightly similar to Sesame Street but a lilttle bit serious. It was a puppet drama. They tried to collect all the Pico-Pico Pongs but needed to face a lot of obstacles from the enemy. It was fun & colourful!

    P/S: Sorry for discussing about the Picos. Lets talk about the cat. Shall we? :d

  11. azmie says:

    naah…no sweat…i think i started to remember what pico pico pong was…:)>-

    btw: pong is pronounce as like tepong (flour) :d

  12. in_da says:

    hmmm..ske kucin..kucin adelah temanku yg plg memahami..tp bile ade yg mati aku akan rase sedih yg amat seolah kehilangan satu ahli rumahku..

  13. azmie says:

    and they say dog is man’s best friend…cat also maa…;)

  14. flowerbunkus says:

    skang die dh xde sabor je laa :((:((:((

  15. Peter S says:

    Hey! Let’s talk about pico pico pong pong! Any idea how to get our local tv to show it again? You think they’ll approve my request?

  16. azmie says:

    erm..not sure how to do that…btw, where do u live peter? are u a malaysian citizen? i guess if you forward your request in those channel’s forum (like tv3 for example) maybe the person who is responsible for this kind of job will consider it in the future perhaps…:d

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