I’m sitting in front of my PC, while having a simple meal, it was an instant 3 in 1 milo drink in a mug, with some wheat crackers used to dunk into it…no money to buy heavy dinner meals though…so sad…but there are other reason too, my throat felt a little bit itchy, maybe going to have some cold, so decided to make a hot drink to sooth it…feel nice already right now…(:

Having a chat with my school friend, iwan shu aswad…he’s now studying in UITM, just before this I visited his blog, the latest entry was he had achieved his 100th postings, which coincidentally happened on the 1st January of the new year 2006, regarding what happened during the whole year of 2005, which includes how we met after no news from each other for a long time, and also some other friends…and I left a comment too, but later on don’t know where I post it coz it was too long…having hard time to track it…no offence iwan :-p

No matter, I just rewrite here anyways, I said, “the year 2005 was exciting, having able to meet old friends, hope that this coming new year will bring more excitement…looking forward to meet more of my old friends”. You see, school life is much more great and fun when we have already experienced it, even though in my school time, I always felt bored, lacked of focus, always getting scolded by the math teacher, lazy in completing assignments, homeworks and that kind of stuff, but in this 7 years after school life, I finally realized that I really miss those moments…and I miss my old friends, mostly my classmate who I have lost contact with almost all of them, except one, who still managed to contact me all these years…thanx wani, you’re really my true friend…>:d< Well, a year has passed...like the same previous years...I really hope that the guys will stumbled upon my blog when they searching through the net...that's what I hope all this time...maybe this year it'll happen...only Allah knows…

whoa, how much that I’ve wandered off…well this is my first entry in year 2006reminiscing my life…:-D

10 thoughts on “Rite now…

  1. azmie says:

    yeay! baru tadi aku telah berjaya menewaskan razor guner porcshe carrera GT aku…blacklist #1…now I’m the most wanted…setakat cross tu aper barang aku rempuh ajer wakakaka…dapat gak beemer si razor tu…>:)

  2. gie says:

    lumbe kete ke..? :-?

  3. azmie says:

    ahahaha…game NFS-MW ler…akhirnyer aku suda habis mengalahkan kesemua #15 blacklist members…muahahaha…>:)

  4. flowerbunkus says:

    huhuh…kantoi nye plugin gravatar…hulp me

  5. azmie says:

    apakah masalah anda itu? sila beritau kpd saye…

  6. gie says:

    azmie on January 3, 2006 at 2:19 pm said:

    ahahaha…game NFS-MW ler…akhirnyer aku suda habis mengalahkan kesemua #15 blacklist members…muahahaha…>:)

    laaa….ingat lumbe kete betol…tu yg terkejut…terlupa plak ade gem kat dunia nie #-o

    flowerbunkus on January 3, 2006 at 5:37 pm said:

    huhuh…kantoi nye plugin gravatar…hulp me

    me pun kantoi gak…adus…camne tah tak edit…waaa….

  7. azmie says:

    hmm…me kene tgk aper yg terjadi terlebih dahulu…

  8. ejon says:

    aku dah habes mostwanted lame dah :-“

  9. azmie says:

    ko bole lar ader byk maser nak main…aku ni main certain time ajer…/:)

  10. CypherHackz says:

    Weh! Comp aku baru je leh pasang.
    Jap lagi aku nak gi pinjam CD game MW kat member aku. He3. Tak sabar seh nak main game… :d

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