Supposed this day was to be a holiday for me, but ended up stuck in a customer’s breakdown car situation on the way to my home in Serdang (from 8 to 11pm). Tiring!!!

The story begins like this:

Early in the morning, prepared myself to go to Sunway Pyramid, the purpose was to watch Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire with my recently SPM leavers friends. The showtime was actually at 10.45 am (quite early), so have to go early in order not to lose movie tickets. The movie was….DAMN GOOD! the presentation of the story is great, along with superb visual effects and…the movie was totally great!!! Seriously you should watch it! Please don’t buy the DVD’s and VCD’s version at this moment…the audio was HORRIBLE…better go to cinemas…:-D

At about afternoon went to IT centre to buy some PS2 and PC DVD games, ended buying about 13 games (yeah! spent quite a lot amount of money). Then went back to my father’s workshop and tested the PC DVD ones, “indah khabar dari rupa” actually, in english, promising outside, dissapointing inside…2 0f 3 games that I bought were either non usable, or fake. Curse the shop owner along with their promoters!. X( Yet I haven’t tested the PS2 games that I have bought…hope the result wouldn’t be the same as the PC games (bought from other shop) >:P

Then at dusk, after performing my maghrib prayer, my father received a call from one of his not-so-frequent-went-to-our-workshop-but-when-desperate-comes-begging-for-mercy customer called because his car broke down in KL-Seremban highway, near the TUDM airport area, and I was told to deliver the required item to the customer (WHATT?? ME? WTH? I didn’t know anything about car engines or any related stuff? I just know about the company’s accounting matters…why the hell should I go??? – of course this was just a thought embedded in my mind). With heavy heart I went to deliver the item to the customer, and his so-called mechanic tried to install the thing but not being able to accomplish it, and then after finally installing it, the car won’t start…which then delayed the time further to 10pm, where then I have to called my bro ( a mechanic also) to clear things out…truly he came to save the day…for not more than 15 minutes he managed to get the thing done and the car was alive and running smoothly…#:-s

After that quickly started my car and told my brother that I wanted to go home as it was already too late…and arrived at Serdang at 11+ pm…and now, 12 in the morning, want to test my PS2 games…ciao…:->;-)

12 thoughts on “What a tiring day…

  1. azmie says:

    nak test game PS2 kunun…skali main game Smack Down! vs RAW sampai kol 2 pagi…wakakaka :))

  2. cake says:

    erk.. wrestling.. huhuh :-?

  3. azmie says:

    alamak terlupa nak beli game DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi ler plak…hari tu dok belek2 cd case ader jumper game tu….:o

  4. abah says:

    MMg kena curse pon orang yang jual dvd game untuk Pc…selalu gak terkena! >:P

  5. ahmad says:

    asyik main game je lupa rumah tangga… gay ke apa…

  6. azmie says:

    ahmad on December 9, 2005 at 9:09 pm said:

    asyik main game je lupa rumah tangga… gay ke apa…

    aper rumah tangga? ko nih suka kat gay ker aper…asek cakap gay jer…

    abah on December 9, 2005 at 8:14 pm said:

    MMg kena curse pon orang yang jual dvd game untuk Pc…selalu gak terkena! >:P

    ituler…content tak samer ngan cover lak tu…ader ker aku nak beli game “The Punisher”, pastuh aku check2 balik game tuh namer “The Painkiller” ??? WTF???

  7. cake says:

    hahaha.. asyik guna ayat gay jer.. [-(

    wah.. gravatar dah ade. how u do it?

  8. azmie says:

    yep dah ader…tapi aperhal aku nyer tuh yg lamernyer…padahal aku dah tuko lain…

    gravatar tu, disebabkan caching ader prob…ko disable jerk kat admin panel part caching gravatars tuh…

  9. ikoko says:

    ni dah ok dah ko nye gravatar nieh.. :)


  10. azmie says:

    still x puas hati ni, psl gravatar aku tu yg lamer nyer…tak apdet pon…padahal gambo lain..this is my current gravatar suppose to be…

  11. cake says:

    maybe gravatar yang lama tu dia ambek dari server ko.. local gravatar? check tgk

  12. azmie says:

    takder nyer…aku dah delete sumer abes dah pon…skrg nih aku disable caching, dan aku tak upload pon local gravatar…

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