Latest update:

Installed “official comments” plugin – differs authorized user’s comments with another..

and a gallery section (powered by plogger) is up and running…action inspired by winterwish@silenteve and also some of his companions…

Also, I have watched final fantasy VII – advent children for quite sometime ago (actually more than a month I guess)…

the movie really rawks! the graphix was out of this world, it felt like was watching a real live movie…the details were awesome, you can see the hero character’s hair, so nicely done…and also the ending part of the know, the credit part stuffs and all that…I think it’s far more better than final fantasy the movie…:-D Owh and one more thing, I’ve downloaded the latest season of smallville…currently episode 2…can’t wait to watch it…:joget


6 thoughts on “regular updates…

  1. winterwish says:

    wah suda ade official comment :P

    FF-7 rawks.. agreed :D

  2. azmie says:

    ader satu lagi final fantasy, tapi bukan dlm 3D ler…Final Fantasy – Last Order kalu tak silap

    yeah, official comment :d

  3. winterwish says:

    last order ka… aku ade nampak ari tu dekat boxtorrent, die sambungan ff7 ke or citer lain?

  4. azmie says:

    ntah belom tengok lagi…tapi dalam anime bese jerk…bukan 3D cam advent children tuh…

  5. ejon says:

    last order tu lebih kurang je FF7 cuma dalam versi anime yg diperpanjangkan dari muvi.. :P

  6. azmie says:

    update! aku upload koleksi wallpaper kegemaran aku…kalu nak, dozo dozo…dipersilakan :d:malu

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