This is shocking! Right after my “imsak” time this morning, some burglars (who?…take a wild guess…see my previous post that is somewhat similar to this post) attempted to break into one of my father’s customer’s car. Yet somehow I managed to “chase” them away. Well “chase” in this case meaning, I shouted at them before tried to do anything…they came with a car (a Proton Saga model…the plate number didn’t recognized bcoz I wasn’t wearing my glasses at that time), with more than one person…well guess what? right after that a police patrol car come cruising along…we told them what happened and they said just “ok”, and then headed the wrong direction that the burglar’s car was heading…well, SOME police officer…l-):-W

Thank Allah nothing happened to the car, otherwise we have to pay for the damages and losses…

This proves that the “minor” group as said by the minister of “kerjaraya” is always “major” at something…:-<

7 thoughts on “Bad people!

  1. megat says:

    thanks Allah nothing happen… that type of ppl alwayz make trouble :-w

  2. ejon says:

    sesungguhnya aku tak paham entry ini \:d/

  3. winterwish says:

    ko sediakan webcam kat bengkel ko. bile ade movement je terus record…huhuhu.

  4. azmie says:

    mmg pon always troubling…tgk ler, sepanjang aku kene masalah nih, selalu nyer dari group camtuh…/:)

    aper part yg ko tak paham tu ejon?

    webcam? motion detect ker? canggih sgt tuh….[-(

  5. azmie says:

    this just in…today another of my cute little kitty passed away (the grey one)…he’s been sick these past few days…now there’s only two left…they’re perfectly healthy…:(

  6. winterwish says:

    erm.. die kene jangkitan la kot sebab tak dapat proper care. I feel bad about this, seriusly kalau aku bole amik lagi kucing aku dah amik. But sekarang ni my house dah ade 3 kucing + 2 kucing sebelah yang buat rumah aku macam rumah derang.

  7. azmie says:

    yang 2 ekor lagi yang hidup tuh mmg sihat walafiat…montel lagi…cumer yg baru mati tuh jer nampak lembik semacam…mmg dah agak dier nak mati pon…

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