this is my birthday post,

just wanna say thanks to all that wished happy birthday to me (just wish? where’s the present? :-W …kidding :-p ) Kalau nak banjer, bole, tapi hangpa kuar duit noooo…aku tengah sengkek giler sikalang…kene tunggu next salary…:penat

btw, 2 hari pasni birthday bro foo laks, so just wanna wish happy birthday to you too :D

6 thoughts on “happy birthday

  1. ZEO says:

    hepi besday to you,
    u were born in the zoo
    with elephant and kangaroo
    hepi besday to you


  2. azmie says:

    maner hadiah zeo?

  3. ikoko says:

    happy birthday.. ;)

  4. azmie says:

    thanx ikoko…

    malam td aku gi makan malam kat umah pak sedara…manerler tau ader surprise party…dpt makan kek…:-X

    this is the second time in all my life someone bought me a birthday cake…ske nyer….:senyum

  5. Ariff Samani says:

    happy belated b-day
    terlewat.. tapi kat shoutbox rasenye dah wish kan? o:-)

  6. azmie says:

    heheh…wish lewat kene dende teh ais satu…:-))

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