Getting bored of same old layout design in your wp-admin page…? how about getting some change…like mine…:D


Say no more… just visit this site

8 thoughts on “Cosmetic Redesign…

  1. ZEO says:

    say no more oso ler..
    klik here.
    no need upload upload hahaha

  2. azmie says:

    ceh, ko komen dulu ghupenyer…

    coincidence?, the admin page blends well with me new layout…B-)

  3. azmie says:

    latest, lawo gak layout nih, :senyum

  4. ikoko says:

    er… camner ko bleh display gambar kat comments ek?? ekk???

  5. azmie says:

    ohh…bukan magic dong, re edit comment balik dlm admin page…:D

  6. megat says:

    ooo cenggitu rupanya l-)

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