Seperti yang aku explain dalam shoutbox, fancy tooltip nih…ala tooltip..takkan tatau kot, biler ko biar cursor mouse tuh lamer-lamer kat atas link, akan keluar satu balloon dialogue yang isi dier menerangkan details mengenai link tuh, a.k.a tooltip ler…tak paham gak balik bukak kamus…

Description: FancyTooltips is a WordPress Plugin and General Script that dynamically changes the tooltips that are created by browsers. Basically, FancyTooltips replaces those boring little boxes that appear next to your mouse with a dynamic and impressive one. FancyTooltips supports the title attribute from anchors , acronyms, inserts, and deletions and the alt attribute from images. It will also display the accesskey attribute from an anchor.

Compatibility: WP 1.2.x and 1.5.x compatible


1. Donload cam bese, pastuh extract, kendian uploadkan file tuh ke direktori “plugins ”
2. Time extract tuh, extract betul-betul seperti yang terkandung dalam zip file, kalu ader folder tuh, masukkan sumer sekali ke dalam direktori destinasi
3. Pastuh activate…
4. Nak edit layout dier, just edit file .css nyer file. :D

4 thoughts on ““Fancy Tooltip” Plugin

  1. winter says:


  2. megat says:

    mie camner nak wat!? aku dah dload & dah active. camner nak letak kat komen!? #:-S

  3. azmie says:

    erk, tak paham, aper maksud ko ngan letak kat komen? sebenonyer plugin nih leh ubahsuai tooltips ko, contohnyer, tujukan cursor mouse ko kat headline title aku, ataupon kat link yg aku sediakan utk donload plugin tuh, kalu ko perasan style tooltips tuh dah berubah…

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