Long Silence….Cause:

My PC Streamyx rosak…as told before…and then I discovered, my MODEM STREAMYX laks rosak…the cause possibly the same like the PC. Already lodge a complaint to TMNet…but they said that they cannot replace my modem with new ones.


= Out of warranty (dunno how long was the warranty period, but I just registered streamyx in June 2004, that makes it only 6 months of usage.)
= They said I am the one who request to downgrade from 512 to 384 package, so I have broke the condition (WTF??? The operator was the one who suggested it, because before this I complaint for poor streamyx connection at my place, and they said there was a problem with streamyx connection in my area)
= My laptop….aiyak…already started making problems, the monitor, already terang gelap terang gelap…probably because of the intense heat…

So I’m using dialup at this moment, tonight plan to go to Low Yat with my bro, try surveying DSL modem prices and maybe grab an external CD RW Burner….nak burn backup data lar…maner tau in case my laptop goes kiok unexpectedly….

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