Boring laks pepagi nih, dah ler menganggur kejap, tader keje so aku tulis review mengenai sebuah game online yang aku tengah main sekarang nih, iaitu Promisance. Game nih turn based, maksudnyer ko main ikut turn yang disediakan, style cam warcraft, tapi tader ler GUI, cumer text content jerk…Game nih ader gak di main di macam-macam server yang lain, yang aku tau kat norway, memang femes, yang aku main sekarang nih kat Malaysia nyer… Aku sertakan serba sedikit mengenai game guide dier…

Promisance is a turn-based Web Strategy Game. Every few minutes (depending on wich server you are playing), you will earn additional turns. You can use these turns to build structures on your land, explore for new land, generate more cash, or attacking other countries . Each new EMPIRE is under”protection” for a certain number of turns so that they may concentrate on developing an empire without worry of attack. During “protection”, certain actions are not possible, such as attacking other empires and gaining interest in a savings acount. Promisance employs two methods of fighting other empires… military might and magicians. Magicians cast spells to obtain various results, and military forces must overcome the opposing might of other empires. (Note: The names of your military unites, magicians, etc. will change depending on which time “era” you are playing.)

The Goal
As leader of a newly founded empire, your goal is to become supreme to all others. Using everything from diplomacy to war, you must strive to build an empire wealthier than all others (measured in networth).
Through this all, you will compete against hundreds to thousands of other players all vying to achieve the same goals.

Turn Based Games

Turns in Promisance, you receive 3 every 13 minutes.

You cannot have more than 300 turns at once, so it is generally recommended you play your turns about once a day.

Available turns are listed in the status bar.

Turn Use Attacking, casting spells and sending foreign aid take two turns.

Exploring, building, and cashing all use a variable number of turns.

You may continue to spend turns until you have run out and then you must wait for more to be given.

Stored Turns Up to 150 turns above your maximum will be stored and then released at a rate of one additional turn per 13 minutes.

Taxes Each turn you take will also give you tax revenues and your country will naturally grow or shrink, depending on your economic situation.

Protection For your first 200 turns you will be in protection status. During this time, you may not attack, foreign aid or access the public market and others cannot attack or magic you, either.

Yang penting disini, game nih memerlukan strategi yang bagus untuk survive…Kalu nak cuba, dipersilakanler register, no worries, ianya free of charge, tader kene bayo aper-aper…klik kat Sini untuk pegi ke website tersebut…

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