new version dah kuar, that’s Yahoo! Messenger Beta, skali imbas tgk, sebijik cam MSN messenger, but wut the hell, mmg patut diorang buat improvement, setelah sekian lama asik interface & feature samer jerk…

dlm version baru nih ader feature yg baru, cam avatar image, friendlist image (tukar gambar smiley dlm memberlist), audible(tak tahu lagi function tuh) dan juga radio, so dipersilakan ler cuba software nih…more info kat Sini

tp perlu diingatkan, ini ialah BETA version, aku quote:
intended to help us test the newest version of our product and give people a preview of new features and functionality. Beta versions of software are pre-releases and may contain undiscovered issues. We recommend that this software only be downloaded by people who are familiar with Yahoo! Messenger. Using this Beta version in your own setting is “as-is” and at your own risk.

so pepaham sendirik jerlar yek? B-)
anyways, setelah susah payah mencarik, akhirnyer aku tau key utk smileys page nih (actually tak susah pon, pasal malas tracing jerk) so aku listkan kat sini utk reference (tgk tooltips for the key)

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